Friday, January 8, 2010

Spring is Arriving !!!

No I Haven't Lost My Mind !!!

Spring and summer fashions start arriving at my store January 2nd.

Here in Georgia we have hand unusually cold weather for the past week.  Last night we had a light dusting of snow, also unusual for Georgia.  We don't have very much snow, although we do have an ice storm at least once during January or February.

Everything comes to a stop during these rare occasions.  We southerners just can't deal with the snow and ice.  Since I lived in Chicago until I was 13 all the panic over what little frozen precipatation we get seems a bit strange.

Anyway, Spring will be coming, and all of my new 2010 merchandise is starting to pour in.  I had a shipment of 51 Handsmocked bishop dresses just this week.  All new merchandise has to be either steamed or ironed,  all that warm steam sure felt good on such a cold day. (I'm in an  Old Drafty Building in our Downtown Historic District )

Thought you might like a preview of some of my new merchandise.  Traditional childrens clothing is just tooooo cute!!!  Each one I pull out of the box is just sweeter than the last.

My best selling brands are Bailey Boy's and Rosalina.

Bailey Boy's is a Georgia based company.  They manufacture cute appliqued clothing, a lot of it is reversable so you really get two for the price of one.  They also do sweet traditional hand smocked garments.

Rosalina is a South Carolina based company.  They mostly specialize in Hand Smoked Bishop Dresses.  It always amazes me how they can come out with so many new variation of designs each season.

Just a preview of all that is to come.

Hope you all have a warm and cozy winter.  Spring is coming!!!

Just a reminder --- shop early for Easter fashions.  They seem to get picked over earlier & earlier each year.