Thursday, January 6, 2011

Winding Down !!!

We woke up to this beautiful sight on December 26 th.

Now I know 6 inches of snow is not that out of the ordinary for Christmas, after all I did grow up in Chicago, Illinois, but I live in Georgia now.  Georgia has only had snow at Christmas 3 times in the past 120 years !!!
Our family plans to leave at 7 am for a much needed R&R to Florida was delayed by 5 hours so that the roads would melt some.  The south is just not stocked with all the equipment necessary to clear roads during a heavy snow or ice storm.  Anyway we did get going, my daughter and her family waited a bit later to leave so my 2 granddaughters could go sledding and play in the snow some.  We had a wonderful family vacation at the beach, just resting and eating, LOL, and a little shopping, for a whole week.

Now back home, I am finally winding down the closing of my Children's Boutique brick & mortar store.  My doors will be locked on February 24 th for good.  I will really  miss seeing all the little ones that I have dressed over the years, and the direct interaction with the people that visited my store.

I won't be giving it up completely though.  I plan to continue doing custom sewing, selling on Etsy & Ebay, and occasionally doing a craft festival.  I am looking forward to more free time and not having such a structured schedule of running a store.

New Beginnings in the New Year !!!

Best Wishes For a Glorious 2011,