Thursday, October 8, 2009

Frustrating Day !!!

      Sorry I haven't had time to visit with you this week.  I have been busy still trying to get my Ebay store up and fully stocked. 

     I spent most of today reposting photos that I had already posted for each item,  for some reason they were not showing up on the Ebay site.  After I had finished I talked with my son and he told me Ebay had a technical problem today and when it was corrected the photos reappeared.  It wasn't anything I had to fix at all !!! :-(

     Fiddle- De-DEE, tomorrow is another day.

Anyway I'm ready for a quiet night at home.

Check out my Ebay site when you get a chance,  I still have lots of items to post.

Ebay name        Vintage*Lace*Creations

Have a Restful Evening, Carol

1 comment:

  1. Oh sweetie...I've been there soooo many times. Can't wait to check out your lovlies.

    Hugs to you~