Friday, July 16, 2010

Computer Challenged !!!

I am sooooo computer challenged.
Trial & error is my only method of learning.
I have been playing with my Print Shop trying to get the grasp of editing and croping graphics.
Maybe the "Computer Fairy" will come while I am asleep and I will wake up with instant knowledge of all things "Geek".  ;-)
The instuction manual might as well be written in French ( I don't read, write, or speak French).
Anyway, here is my feeble attempt at sharing a graphic I scanned, then cropped.
Now if I could just figure out how to outline an image within a picture and crop it so nothing was left but the figure.
Hope all is having a great summer.
Blessings to you, Carol


  1. hi Carol,
    From one who used to be computer challenged you might need a different program. I have used Print Shop for years for certain things and I don't think it has the capabilities to erase the background around the figure like you want to do. It will clip but that is all as far as I know.

    There are other programs that can do this, but you will probably need Adobe Elements to get started with that and its the least expensive, many times coming free with a new camera or computer. One eraser button and you will be all fixed up. Hope you don't mind the advice...I just remember how it is and wanted to help. xoxo, paulette

  2. Well hi Carol in Commerce GA, I live in Covington, GA:) I love the image you have created on your blog! I think it is perfect! I hope you enjoy your day and have a wonderful and creative afternoon!

    Big Hugs!