Saturday, August 28, 2010

Cross Stitched Christmas Ornaments

Happy Saturday Peeps !!!

I have been very busy of late downsizing my personal collections of over 30 years, and trying to liquidate the inventory at my Children's Boutique.

But, had to sneak in a little stitching time too. I plan on participating in a local Holiday Marketplace in the month of November.

I have always found at Festivals that if you can keep your price points low, between $5 and $20, that you have a much more successful sale.  People are always looking for that unique gift item that they do not have to spend a lot on.

So this year I am going to concentrate on making cross stitched ornaments, and sachets.  Maybe even a few small tooth fairy and decorative pillows.

Since I have such an extensive stash of vintage lace, I will be making some really sweet and simple Angel ornaments too.  I will post pix when I have them in the works, and try to do a little instructional post.  They are just the simplest and cutest little thing ever, and of course you could use new lace to trim them with.

Who knows what else I might come up with  to sell between now and the Festival date!!!

Now off to stitch some more.  Then to start sewing my little ornaments into mini pillow with ribbon hangers.  Then trim them up with bows, bells, faux greenery, etc.

Have a Blessed Weekend.
Hugs 2 U,  Carol


  1. Oh how precious! I love your beautiful stitching! What festivals do you go to? I love festivals! Enjoy your evening my friend! HUGS!

  2. Beautiful stitches Carol! Look forward to seeing lots more. Thanks for visiting my blog. Hugs.

  3. Carol I used to go to Commerce at least once a month and usually twice to shop at The Pottery. I was so sad when they closed !!! Wish I had known about your shop. Maybe I will get a chance to head up that way again and if you are still open will stop in...I love meeting other Georgia bloggers.

  4. thank you for visiting my blog!

    I love your work! So chic, so glamourous!!!

  5. Gorgeous and impressive. They are so adorable. I just love them. Nice blog too!

  6. They are adorable! Great job on them.