Wednesday, September 30, 2009

God is Good !!!

God is indeed in control of things!   Prayers are answered!
Just a brief explanation --- 
 I have a 33 year old son ( Samuel ) who has a progressive neuomuscular disease classified as on of the Muscular Dystrophys.  He was born with this condition passed on to him by me, I also have the same condition.  They say bad things happen in 3's, well, last fall his wife of 11 years walked out on the marriage and refused to even consider counseling.  Shortly after that his home was broken into and several electronics were stolen.  Then shortly after that he was layed off from his job of 9 years due to cut backs.  It has been 10 months since his layoff and to his surprise he got a call from his old boss and was asked to come back to work.  He was up and out the door first thing this morning.
What a blessing !!!
Sam is limited as to what he is able to do physically so job hunting in this economy was quite difficult.  His unemployment compensation was nearing the end and he was considering applying for his disability through Social Security.  That was something that had weighed on his mind because he truly wanted to continue working as long as he is physically able to.
We need to pray for all those who are hurting in this economic time, and pray for our countrys leaders.  You don't have to go far, just look out your front door to find someone who might be suffering with the burden of a job loss.
Blessings to each of you, Carol


  1. Hi Carol, I am so glad Sam is now back to work. My husband just started work after 8 months. It has been a very long trial to say the least. When things do go wrong, we need so badly to keep going forward and not giving up hope for God to move. Of course it's all God's timing not ours. Thank you Jesus!

    Take Care and God Bless-

  2. When we are truly appreciative of the little things each and every day, good will always come our way. I love the previous quote you posted. Every one of us has reason to give thanks to God for his infinite blessings. God bless and keep you and your family always in his tender loving care. Best wishes, Tammy